October 10th 2020 – Cancelled

The announced Corona guidelines on September 18th have unfortunately made us decide to cancel the parties we wanted to host this year.

This is because we stand for quality and we cannot achieve this with the current guidelines

Current guidelines are:

– maximum 50 people

– at 00:00 music off and lights on

– departure before 01:00

– dancing is not allowed inside

We will keep you informed of developments and would like to see you again when the guidelines are relaxed and / or have been removed.

The guidelines that we use in accordance with RIVM:

  • Booking in advance is mandatory (maximum 100 participants)
  • On arrival we ask you to sign a health form and a temperature scan will take place
  • Desinfectant is present everywhere in the building
  • Walking routes have been created in the building so that you can keep sufficiant distance
  • The counters are screened with cough screens
  • Additional toilets have been installed and all toilets are available
  • Toilets are constantly being cleaned

We ask you to:
In case of complaints not to apply (catch a cold, cough, sore troath and/or high fever) otherwise there is a risk that acces will be refused
See also RIVM guidelines www.cluborganza.nl